“I found this really valuable – learning the way others in my team work and how to achieve better results.”

– Team Program Participant


Clifton Strengths Coaching

For Those Who Want to Re-Establish a Strengths-Based Approach to Their Role at Work.

Strengths in a leadership sense, is a generic term used to describe a person’s innate capabilities.

But there’s more to exploring our ‘strengths’ than just reflecting on what we might be good at. You might know this after undertaking the validated strengths assessment instrument previously, but despite the best of intentions, initiatives and new learnings can get lost or pushed aside in our busy world of work.

Acknowledging this is the first step, let us help you with the rest.

Utilising your previous Clifton Strengths results, we will re-explore your Top 10 Talent themes and remind you why you do what you do, how to intentionally utilise your talent themes by turning these into strengths and how to identify potential blind spots that may get in the way of your success.

Armed with these deep personal insights you will leave with new strategies to implement immediately to ensure you are truly unlocking your full potential again.

Program Inclusions
    • Electronic booking system to schedule 1:1 debriefing 
    • Reflection questionnaire (pre work)
    • 1 x 60 minute personalised debriefing session
  • 2 x additional personalised strengths reports
  • A5 strengths card
  • Individual Development Plan

The coaching debrief session is 60 minutes long. 


$300 + GST.

If you would like to go ahead and book in your Clifton Strengths Refresher, please contact Alex at alexandra@tanyaheaneyvoogt.com. 

“The best thing about this session was being able to talk with someone new, who really knew what they were talking about. It was a nice discussion that went two ways. I am now able to take some time to consider more of my blind spots and ensure I am a more well-rounded leader.”

Coaching Program Participant

“I loved how relevant the conversation was to my work, and how my results were viewed from a positive perspective. I’m now able to intentionally use my skills to encourage staff successfully to be more motivated and pro-active in their work. This was an overall interesting and insightful experience in understanding my natural skills and how they tie into my role at. Most enjoyable and enlightening.”

Coaching Program Participant

“The thing I liked most about this session was how easy Alex was to talk to. We identified how I am often trying to solve everyone’s problems, and by utilising some of my strengths more effectively, I can start teaching them how to fish instead of doing it for them! Extremely satisfied with the session.”

Coaching Program Participant

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