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Equilibrium is the perfect balance between two opposing forces.

In the world of economics, that refers to supply and demand. In the modern world of work, those opposites are organisational demands and workforce psychological wellbeing.

But don’t the drivers of profit and productivity outweigh the need for investment in the psychological enrichment of the workforce?

Can they ever exist in a state of equilibrium?

Tanya Heaney-Voogt shows us that they can. And they must, if we are to have sustainable organisations.

Finding Equilibrium is the leader’s map to navigating a new world with insights into motivation, productivity, job demands and burnout prevention. The book clears up common misunderstandings about psychological safety and shows leaders how to get the work done while looking after their teams and themselves.

Introducing her PEMS model bound with the golden threads of role clarity and leadership support, Heaney-Voogt offers leaders practical, adaptable, evidence-informed strategies to find equilibrium.

Tanya Heaney-Voogt is a mentally healthy workplaces specialist, workplace change facilitator and certified leadership coach.

She helps leaders, teams and organisations to thrive in the modern world of work through a range of programs and services.

Finding Equilibrium is Tanya's second book. Her first book, Transforming Norm, was published in 2022.