Transforming Norm – Leading the change to a mentally healthy workplace


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Transforming Norm Book by Tanya Heaney-Voogt

A mentally healthy workplace recognises that people are at the heart of its productivity and customer interactions and that a positive and safe culture enables organisational success.

While this is revolutionary thinking for some, we all have a critical role to play as leaders of change.

Transforming Norm is your guide to creating a mentally healthy workplace, with a culture where everyone feels safe to flourish.

Our target is the eradication of harmful norms that contribute to billions of dollars of lost productivity annually. To do so, we focus on:

  • Promoting psychological safety at all levels,
  • Proactively mitigating work-related factors that contribute to poor mental well-being, and
  • Creating and sustaining a positive workplace culture

These workplaces are not soft and fluffy. It’s not about the absence of challenge, accountability, responsibility or struggle. But workplace mental injury claims are on the rise, regulators are sharpening their focus on psychological health and safety and employees expect — and deserve — better.

Based on Tanya Heaney-Voogt’s decades of experience, Transforming Norm is full of practical actions and proven strategies that cut through complexity and jargon. Tanya is clear that workplaces can be happier, better places to spend our time.

A mentally healthy workplace is not an optional extra — it’s a business imperative. So, isn’t it time you led the change?

Tanya is a mentally healthy workplaces expert, workplace change facilitator and certified leadership coach, helping leaders, teams and organisations to thrive in this rapidly changing and high demand world of work. With a 25-year career leading people, projects and change across the health sector Tanya now works primarily with public sector entities to develop mentally healthy work practices, strengthen workplace cultures; and develop safe, effective and high performing leaders and teams. She draws on her own experiences as a senior leader dealing with work overload and change saturation to support leaders to develop more sustainable individual strategies and to assist workplaces to manage the environmental factors that contribute to unsafe levels of work-related stress. Her engaging and authentic approach is always remarked upon as she brings life to her content, helping people absorb key information and implement the strategies required to achieve true change. Tanya has worked extensively with health, education, local government and environmental agencies in consulting, coaching and training activities including delivery of her popular Cracking the Change CodeTM program. This blended program has supported a myriad of public entities to implement enterprise-wide change initiatives. Passionate about developing others, her program ensures change leaders develop necessary skills and knowledge to lead successful change safely and effectively into the future. Her Transforming NormTM workplace transformation program aligns with the content in this book and brings together a series of support activities previously conducted individually, into one holistic transformation program, making it much easier for workplaces to be mentally healthy. Tanya lives in the rolling hills of Gippsland and when not working diligently in her practice can be found dining out with her husband (the beloved Mr. V), enjoying a drive through the hills or laughing with dear family and friends. Find out more about her programs and services, read her extensive list of blogs and access free downloadable resources on her website Tanya loves to hear from people passionate about building mentally healthy workplaces and invites you to connect via LinkedIn or email. LinkedIn: Email: