“As the leadership program has progressed, I now have the ability to look at things differently in relation to my role, what I can and can’t control and how to ensure I am not only looking after my own mental health, but that of my staff and fellow team members.”

– Program Participant


Transforming Norm™

Transforming Norm is a guided transformation program for workplaces.

This program is about transforming the norm – the way things have always been done around here – and creating new patterns of behaviour in your workplace that promote psychological safety, reduce work-related stress and psychosocial harm risks.


Safe & Effective Leadership

This program is designed for people leaders at all levels. To create mentally healthy and high performing workplaces we need to equip leaders with the appropriate skills and knowledge to lead safely and effectively in the modern world of work.

My Safe and Effective Leaders program does just that.


Building Red Hot Teams

By fostering inclusion, making learning safe, inviting team contributions and providing air cover for candor – we create cohesive, growth focused teams who work together to deliver the best organisational and customer outcomes.

In short – we build Red Hot Teams.

Cracking the Change Code

Despite the fact that change is a given in contemporary workplaces, the presence of internal change managers is still rare, leaving leaders responsible for driving organisational changes frustrated and overwhelmed – with little or no change support or knowledge.

This program supports change leaders like you to lead the change in your workplace.

Culture by Design

Team Culture by Design is a team-based program that works with teams to: Co design, Clarify, Commit to a set of agreed team behaviours and values.

This ‘culture by design’ will be linked to the overall organisations cultural ethos/code of conduct/values sets (where applicable) but be an actionable, co-designed set of principles the team commit to.