“The way we have always done things, no longer serves us. It’s time to lead the change.”


Transforming Norm is a workplace-based program that creates lasting change across all layers of the organisation through a shared commitment to build a mentally healthy and high performing workplace.

 Working with your organisation, this program delivers sustainable systemic and behavioural change.

The program comprises a consulting and change design program in its initial phase with a comprehensive leadership program – Safe and Effective Leaders – making up the bulk of the program.

The result is a positive and high performing leadership team implementing safe and effective practices within their teams.

Combined with the consulting work and organisational commitment – the overall outcome is a mentally healthy workplace.

Program Inclusions

Phase one – Consulting and change design

This phase links to Part One – Gaining Traction in Tanya’s book Transforming Norm – Leading the Change to a Mentally Healthy Workplace and the Transforming Norm – Wheel of Change model (see below).

Phase two – Safe and effective leaders’ program

This phase comprises The Safe and Effective Leaders program which covers Part Two and Three in the book and wheel of change model.

This program supports modern leaders to develop the skills, knowledge, and capabilities to lead themselves and others safely and effectively in a complex, rapidly changing and diverse world of work.

Through workshops, 1:1 and team coaching, reflective activities and diagnostic instruments, Leaders will:

  • Learn the four quadrants of the Transforming Norm leadership model
  • The six traits and three knowledge areas of safe and effective leaders
  • Come to understand their own innate strengths and those of their team
  • Embrace the uniqueness of their team members and peers, fostering inclusion and learning
  • Develop a deep understanding of why psychological safety is so integral to high performing organisations
  • Learn a practical model to implement psychological safety into their leadership and individual team/s
  • Develop skills to hold candid conversations, with intent and personal care that ensures good people and organisational outcomes
    • Learn the key requirements for true innovation and how to bring out the best ideas in others
    • Understand the common psychosocial hazards in the workplace and identify and mitigate these risks (with a case study and additional tools and guidance material on workload management);
    • Learn how to lead successful workplace change and how to coach self and others through change
    • Develop the self-management skills needed for maintaining their own wellbeing through the challenges of leadership
    • Work through blocks and challenges and set their own unique goals as part of their personal coaching sessions
    • Obtain a comprehensive toolkit that supports their safe and effective leadership practice for years to come.

The program closes with an engaging consolidation workshop – Moments That Matter#52 Tips for Leaders to Maximise the Psychological Health and Safety of Your Team.

These moments encompass principles from the entire safe and effective leadership program and more.

A book and flash card deck are provided to each participant at this final workshop to reinforce the principles of the program and support Leaders to introduce the “moments that matter” into their work.


12 month program.


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“The program so far has been informative, engaging and very beneficial, not only from a Team building perspective but also to have been able to test and try the leanings and resources in my day-to-day work practice.”

Program Participant