This workshop has been delivered to leadership groups and to network groups with great success and focuses on practical, actionable strategies to create lasting change.


This workshop is delivered at the conclusion of the calendar year.

It’s been another big year full of demands and challenges – but also gold. This session will help you round out the year with reflection on what worked well and what did not, and a focus on strategies to recharge for the year ahead.

You’ll explore key questions to help you capture the gold from the year and identify aspects you want to:

  • Take with you into the new year
  • Tweak, or
  • Turf

You will develop your individual recovery plan to not only help you recharge to face into the new year with optimism and energy, but to ensure your sustainable high performance in your role. You’ll also discover ways to inject fun and laughter into your workplace and learn the science behind this to truly understand the benefits.

    Essentially this session is about providing you clear actionable strategies to help you reflect, reset and recharge.

    Workshop Topics
      • Reflection and learnings from the year – contextualised to workgroup/workplace/sector using PDSA frameworks and action templates
      • Cognitive loading – what causes it, the risks of not managing it, techniques to address and prevent it.
      • An understanding of evidence-based strategies to ensure optimal mental wellbeing with a focus on recovery strategies to sustain performance
    • The science of laughter and benefits in social settings including teams and the workplace
    • Demystifying “resilience”.

    2 hour workshop face to face or 1.5 hour virtual workshop.


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