Let’s create a mentally healthy workplace together.


Mentally Healthy Workplaces – Business Case

Need to influence the case for change internally?

This business case document contains basic clarification on what a mentally healthy workplace is and why it’s so important to organisations.  It contains three distinctly separate business case arguments which will enable you to tailor to your specific audience. If you require further information to support your case reach out for a chat. 

Let’s create a mentally healthy workplace together!

The VIP Resources package includes:

  • Inclusion – Getting to the Heart of Safe & Effective Teams
  • R.O.T Activity Guide
  • Monthly Accountability Meeting Template
  • Workload Utilisation – Project Rationalisation Form
  • Work Utilisation Model
  • & MORE!

Mentally Healthy Workplaces Maturity Assessment

Striving to be a mentally healthy workplace or keen to know the steps to take to get there?

Download the Mentally Healthy Workplaces Maturity Assessment and assess your current state of progress against the maturity model.

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Making Meetings Mentally Manageable

Workplace meeting fatigue is almost an accepted unhealthy norm these days.

Poor, unsustainable habits have formed and no one questions the patterns anymore.

We just run from meeting to meeting with a diary so full there’s no room to breathe.

It’s time to make a change.

In this paper, you’ll find six tips that will help you Make Meetings Mentally Manageable along with explanatory notes and recommended actions.

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7 Strategies to help Your Teams When They’re Running on Empty

After months of increased demand and COVID related challenges, teams are fatigued, frustrated and desperately in need of strategies to help them push through.

Whilst there is no silver bullet, here are seven ways you can help your teams when they’re Running On Empty

Hot Tip: Take one strategy that resonates with you, your context and your teams the most. Unpack and explore it.

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