Tanya was knowledgeable and engaging. She has provided me with the language to explain psychological safety and tools to begin making my workplace safer.

– Workshop Participant


Demystifying Workplace Psychological Health & Safety

In this practical and engaging 90-minute session, Tanya will get us all clear on the what, the why and the how of workplace psychological health and safety.

Transforming Norm
– The Case for Change

Transforming Norm – The Case for Change is a workshop designed for Executive and Board groups to set the context for working towards a mentally healthy workplace.

Based on Tanya’s first book Transforming Norm – Leading the Change to a Mentally Healthy Workplace.

Introduction to Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety has been found to be the single most important factor for high performing teams. By fostering inclusion, making learning safe, inviting team contributions and providing air cover for candor – we create cohesive, growth focused teams who work together to deliver the best  outcomes.

Psychological Safety
– Advanced

Psychological Safety has been found to be the single most important factor for high performing teams.

In this advanced psychological safety workshop, we explore The Art of Challenging Safely and The Key Steps to Success for Modelling Respectful Disagreement.

Common Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace

In this practical and solution focused 3 hour workshop Tanya will get us all clear on the common psychosocial hazards in every workplace, and hone in on some of the most prevalent and high risk hazards.

Understanding Workload Management

There are many factors that contribute to the complex condition of work overload.

In this workshop you will identify your level of ‘work utilisation’ and obtain new language to hold powerful and constructive conversations if work is negatively impacting on your wellbeing.

Embracing & Growing
Through Change

In this interactive, thought-provoking workshop, you will learn to identify organisational drivers of change and how to work with change, not against it.

You will be guided to identify your own individual triggers and reactions to change and what sits beneath that; and develop new ways of responding that enable you to embrace and grow through change.

 Reflect, Reset & Recharge
(Oct – Dec only)

This session will help you round out the year with reflection on what worked well and what did not, and a focus on strategies to recharge for the year ahead.

You will develop your individual recovery plan to not only help you recharge to face into the new year with optimism and energy, but to ensure your sustainable high performance in your role.

Seven Strategies to Help You Thrive at Work

Workplace burnout rates are escalating rapidly and research shows that nearly 1/4 of all workers believe that work is negatively impacting on their mental wellbeing (SuperFriend).

This workshop explores ways to maximise our emotional and psychological wellbeing and our productivity in the workplace, using evidenced based strategies, tools and tactics.