Tanya was wonderful and engaging with her presentation. The terminology and insight has been super helpful already!

– Workshop Participant



Psychological Safety has been found to be the single most important factor for high performing teams. By fostering inclusion, making learning safe, inviting team contributions and providing air cover for candor – we create cohesive, growth focused teams who work together to deliver the best organisational and customer outcomes.

In short – we build safe and effective teams. Safe and effective teams challenge each other in a way that is respectful and safe.

In safe and effective team’s individuals work together to bring about the best ideas and solutions challenging each other intellectually rather than socially. The result is innovative and cohesive teams.

When high levels of Psychological Safety exist across the workplace – organisational, employee and customer outcomes are enhanced.

NB: Psychological Safety is a positive construct under the Psychological Health & Safety umbrella.

Workshop Topics
    • What Psychological Safety is and is not and its relationship to workplace Psychological Health & Safety.
    • History and definitions
    • Vulnerability, interpersonal risk-taking and impression management
    • Overview of the Four Stages Model – a practical model for implementing Psychological Safety
  • Deep dive into Inclusion and Learner Safety
  • Everyone’s role in fostering Psychological Safety
  • Participant workbook, action plan templates and pre and post workshop resources and links.

This face to face introductory or virtual workshop is conducted over 3.5 hours (includes a break).


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Loved the workshop with Tanya. Many valuable insights, with relatable stories and examples. Highly recommend. I appreciated and enjoyed Tanya’s easy to follow presentation.

Workshop Participant

Tanya was knowledgeable and engaging. She has provided me with the language to explain psychological safety and tools to begin making my workplace safer.”

Workshop Participant

This will definitely help me encourage inclusivity within my team and workplace.”

Workshop Participant

“Tanya was wonderful and engaging with her presentation. The terminology and insight has been super helpful already!”

Workshop Participant

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