“It’s been very beneficial on a personal level as much as work related. I feel I have grown as a leader and feel more confident in my role.”

– Program Participant


To create mentally healthy and high performing workplaces we need to equip leaders with the appropriate skills and knowledge to lead safely and effectively in the modern world of work.

Modern workplaces are experiencing unprecedented challenges and demands. They are multi-generational, change saturated, with high work and compliance demands and often under resourced and fatigued teams. Teams work in silos and struggle to truly collaborate across functional areas.

This, combined with a stronger focus on psychological health and safety across Australian workplaces, makes safe and effective leadership critical.

Safe and effective leaders lead with a focus on people and outcomes because they understand that the two are interrelated.

We need to build this capability in people leaders to ensure the sustainability of organisations, to maximise the psychological wellbeing of employees, and to attract and retain a future workforce. My Safe and Effective Leadership program does just that. 

This program ensures personal growth as leaders develop:

  • A deeper understanding of themselves through validated psychometric instruments and 1:1 coaching
  • Awareness of their individual and team strengths and blind spots
  • A self-led action plan to ensure their style and approach meets the four needs of followers
  • A rich understanding of team dynamics
  • Deep knowledge of the concept of psychological safety and its relationship to safety and effectiveness
  • The common psychosocial hazards contributing to unsafe levels of work-related stress, and how to proactively monitor and mitigate these.

Program Inclusions
    • The six traits of safe and effective leaders

    • Psychological safety introduction and advanced modules

    • Psychological safety team survey and action plan development

    • Leading successful workplace change modules
    • Self-care for leaders module and toolkit
    • Common psychosocial hazards at work and the leaders role
    • Plus, 4 x additional workplace selected modules relevant to the challenges in your workplace and the depth and breadth of experience in the leadership team.

An Executive Bridging program is also available to ensure the Executive Team are provided with skills development in the relevant areas and will hold shared language with their reports.  This is particularly important for psychological safety and workplace change modules.



This program is designed for people leaders at all levels. To ensure the appropriate contextualisation of the training program leaders should be grouped into the following categories when considering this program for your workplace.

  1. New Leaders
  2. Middle Managers and Technical Managers
  3. Senior Leaders

If you wish to blend your audience please reach out to chat with Tanya in the first instance.



12 month program.


A specific quotation will be provided based on the structure and size of your program. As an example, however, for a group of 14 middle managers across a 12-month program the overall fee equated to roughly $4200 per participant + GST. Please email alexandra@tanyaheaneyvoogt.com for a specific quotation.

As the leadership program has progressed, I now have the ability to look at things differently in relation to my role, what I can and can’t control and how to ensure I am not only looking after my own mental health, but that of my staff and fellow team members.

The program so far has been informative, engaging and very beneficial, not only from a Team building perspective but also to have been able to test and try the leanings and resources in my day-to-day work practice.

I have never doubted my ability in my role but my ability and confidence to engage in not so comfortable conversations has soared and would recommend this course highly.

 So far, I am really enjoying the program and I can feel a change and improvement within myself. Thanks a lot for your support!

Have really enjoyed working with the group.

Personally, the program has provided us with safe and respectful space and platform where we can connect, grow, and learn from one another. a ‘ necessity’ we did not really have before. Additionally, it is really great to see that new initiatives are emerging in response to our Psychological Safety Program.

It’s been very beneficial on a personal level as much as work related. I feel I have grown as a leader and feel more confident in my role.

Look forward to the training each month and the new ideas it brings which of course improves my creativity and positivity side and also helps me ‘dial down’ other aspects when necessary.

It was a great session today and I think just what we neededYou read our group so well and it was good to see so many people open up and have a laugh today, particularly after the last couple of weeks.A few of us have got together since the session and each and every one of us took something back to reflect on from both a personal and professional perspective.