NEW – Are you ready for your setbacks to become setups for success?

NEW – Resilience Coaching Program

We all know life throws us curveballs, but your response defines your story. Are you ready to rewrite your narrative?

My Resilience Coaching Program will help you develop and enhance your personal resilience – the ability to bounce back from adversity, cope with challenges and adapt positively to change.

I’ll work with you to identify and strengthen your internal resources, coping mechanisms and strategies for managing stress and setbacks. My process involves Positive Psychology Resilience Learning modules, setting realistic goals, transforming negative to positive thought patterns, and cultivating your skills to navigate difficulties effectively.

My Resilience Coaching program ultimately aims to empower you to face life’s challenges with greater emotional strength, flexibility, and a sense of mastery.

Are you ready for your setbacks to become setups for success? Get in touch today!

This is a 3-month program launching in February 2024.

The program includes individual strengths and work design assessments and an initiation meeting, then weekly 1-hour virtual small group coaching sessions that will include tools, templates and more.

There are only 10 places available in each intake of this program.

Email to register for this groundbreaking new program or to find out more.


2 x Individual Self Assessments (Strengths, Job Design)

1:1 Initial Coaching Session with Tanya

6 x Interactive Masterclass Workshops

6 x Barrier and Breakthrough Sessions

Real time access to Tanya for support

Individual Action Plan Template, Goal Setting and Check Ins

Access to a supportive group of professionals tackling the same challenges

Resources, program kit, templates: including The First 2 Hours by Donna McGeorge, Self-Coaching Worksheets, JD-R Model Cheat Sheet, Conversation Guides, Boundaries Worksheets, Work Design Questionnaire, Job Crafting Case Studies, Action Plan templates, goals worksheets and more.

  • The three sticking points of workload
  • The role of self and others in balancing workload
  • How to measure, monitor and manage workload of self and team
  • The cult of busyness
  • Boundaries and mindset
  • Sustainable workload management – work design for optimal job satisfaction and engagement.

This is a 3-month program with individual assessments and initiation meeting, then weekly 1-hour virtual group sessions, tools, templates and more.

  • Intake 1: February 2024
  • Registrations Close: 19th January 2024


Discounted Inaugural Program Fee: $1200 + GST per person. (Monthly invoicing available for private fee-paying participants.)


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