“A plethora of learnings, tips for practical applications, interactive and plenty of thought provoking ideas.”

– Workshop Participant


Why are you so overloaded with work?

Are your workplace expectations unreasonable or is it you? Are you not productive enough? Perhaps you need to learn yet another time management hack?

Or maybe you just need to work longer hours or not take a lunch break, right?


There are many factors that contribute to the complex condition of work overload.

In this workshop you will identify your level of ‘work utilisation’ and obtain new language to hold powerful and constructive conversations if work is negatively impacting on your wellbeing.

You’ll come to understand the traits that can predispose you to take on more than you should, or why some people are addicted to “busy” and learn the common workplace factors that contribute to unsafe levels of work and what you can do about them.

    This workshop is designed to unpack the psychosocial hazard of work overload and provide personal and business strategies to reduce the risks.

    Workshop Topics
      • The current state of overload and impact on mental wellbeing in the workplace
      • The workload management triangle
      • The work utilisation model
      • The cult of busyness
    • Common habits that predispose us to overload
    • Workplace factors that contribute to unsafe levels of work
    • Burnout and the key to sustainable high performance without burning out
    • Workplace and individual templates to create lasting change.

    3 hours face to face (includes a break).


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    “I just wanted to say a big thank you and I am sure I speak on behalf of all the staff in attendance. It was a great session today and I think just what we needed. ”

    Sharyn, Workshop Participant

    “Great to put time aside and learn and think about my well-being with Tanya’s help.”

    Workshop Participant

    Tanya conveys complex ideas in such an easy to follow way, I loved her life by design roadmap.” 

    - Jaymie, Workshop Participant

    “Loved the workshop with Tanya. Many valuable insights, with relatable stories and examples. Highly recommend!” 

    Chris, Workshop Participant