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R.O.T Activity Guide

R.O.T.  is an acronym of tech origin that stands for redundant, obsolete, or trivial. Timothy R Clark, social scientist, researcher, and author tells us it’s important to look for R.O.T. as ‘everything we do eventually becomes obsolete’ 

 In other words – you can find new ways, better ways, more effective ways to do things by making it safe to raise new ideas and challenge the status-quo.  

I’ve developed a downloadable activity guide to help you run this activity with your team and ensure it rewards everyone’s vulnerability. 

Inclusion - Getting to the Heart of Safe & Effective Teams

At the heart of inclusion, lies the basic premise that every human being has the right and need to be included. As a Leader you have a key role in fostering inclusion in your team to bring out the best in every individual and your team collectively.

But how do you do that?

Here’s three ways you can help build and maintain inclusion in your team.

Monthly Accountability Meeting Template

Ensure monthly 1:1 meeting’s enhance the effectiveness and wellbeing of your employees as well as report on operational KPI’s.  This template provides leadership coaching questions, wellbeing check ins and reward and recognition prompts to support positive interactions between leaders and their team members and help boost your culture overall.

If you’d like to talk about how to introduce this template into your organisation reach out for a chat.

Workload Utilisation - Project Rationalisation Form

How do you rationalise your project activities in a world of competing demands, compliance overload and normalised work overload?

You assess each new project against a set of criteria designed to ensure your business is spending time on the right activities and not risking burning out its top performers.

Continually adding new projects onto employees who are already at – or over – capacity is a quick step to burnout and potentially a mental injury claim.

Find a new way. Find a better way and ruthlessly prioritise your project activities (non BAU) to ensure your most important projects get completed and you retain a healthy workforce.

Work Utilisation Model - Are you busy? Or busy?

When did “busy” become a bad thing? The word “busy” has become so overused it really does not help us to understand how utilised our people are in the workplace.

Using this model you will come to understand my three levels of work utilisation in the workplace.

You can then assess your own work utilisation and those of your team to determine where you sit and take steps to ensure everyone is deliciously well utilised – our desired state in a mentally healthy workplace.