Are you interesting in saving thousands of hours on the development of workload management strategies, tools and guidelines? 

Comprehensive Workload Management Guidelines
for Leaders


This package offers a variety of guidance materials for leaders to manage the workload of self and others, with a complimentary chat with Tanya to explore the materials provided to ensure you get the most out of these resources.

Package Includes
  • 1:1 Introductory chat to explore each material with Tanya
  • Workload Templates, Checklists & Assessments
  • Conversation Guides
  • Workload Utilisation Tool
  • 1:1 Templates and Tools to Measure, Monitor and Manage Workload for Workplaces.



$750 + GST with complimentary introductory chat to explore the guidance materials purchased.

Email to find out more or book in your introductory chat and get started today.