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Alexandra Heaney

Certified Clifton Strengths Coach, Resilience Coach & Associate Consultant

Alexandra (Al) is a Gippsland-based Clifton Strengths Coach, Resilience Coach and Associate Consultant for Tanya Heaney-Voogt.

Passionate about creating positive workplace change and improving workplace culture, Al has a rich history to draw from to achieve these goals.

With a career spanning 5 years as a Psychiatric Nurse at the Alfred Hospital Acute Inpatient Unit, 2 Years of Studying Psychological Science, and a current degree in progress in Counselling, human behaviour and positive psychology have always been concepts she is passionate about.

Her ability to integrate this knowledge into meaningful and insightful discussion regarding the Clifton Strengths assessment and its outcomes makes her a proficient guide for coaching clients. Al is adept at empowering others to pursue their objectives by consciously harnessing their innate talents and strengths.

In her spare time, Alex is also a passionate reader and film enthusiast, and enjoys spending time with her two cats (actually fur babies), Junior and Lena.

If you’d like to learn more about your Innate Talents & Strengths, and how to utilise these to achieve success in your role, email Al for more information:


Diploma of Nursing, Federation University
Bachelor of Psychology 2nd Year, Federation University
Certified Gallup Global Strengths Coach
Diploma of Counselling, 1st Year, Australian Institute of Professional Counselling
Resilience Trainer – Positive Psychology

The best thing about this session was being able to talk with someone new, who really knew what they were talking about. It was a nice discussion that went two ways. I am now able to take some time to consider more of my blind spots and ensure I am a more well-rounded leader.

Clifton Strengths Coaching Participant

I loved how relevant the conversation was to my work, and how my results were viewed from a positive perspective. I’m now able to intentionally use my skills to encourage staff successfully to be more motivated and pro-active in their work. This was an overall interesting and insightful experience in understanding my natural skills and how they tie into my role at work. Most enjoyable and enlightening.

Clifton Strengths Coaching Participant

The thing I liked most about this session was how easy Alex was to talk to. We identified how I am often trying to solve everyone’s problems, and by utilising some of my strengths more effectively, I can start teaching them how to fish instead of doing it for them! Extremely satisfied with the session.

Clifton Strengths Coaching Participant